Top 5 healthy practices to encourage in kids

1. Drinking lots of water comes first, other than that
2. Washing hands often (after using potty, before eating etc,)
3. Active playing
4. Healthy snacks
5. Good manners

I think these are the most short lists of healthy practices for kid for both mind and body.

Potty trained Child deliberately pees his pants! What should I do?

My Child is potty trained and has been for about a year, but he/she deliberately peed his pants! What should I do?

This problem is nothing but common with the toddlers who is potty trained. Potty accidents sometimes happen because they would be too late to get to the potty. They would have been too busy playing, and by the time they want to pee, it happens so fast before the get to the potty.

This problem also comes when there is new baby sister or brother at home, to get the mom’s attention to themselves or if they have begin to go to school recently. When they do this just keep on talking to them about it and give them time to adjust.

Talking and explaining it every time helps gradually ,than overreacting and making it worse.

How to Get my Baby on a Sleep Schedule?

First thing that helps put baby on a bedtime schedule is regularity (without straining). Making them sleep the same time every day helps a lot whether it is naptime or bedtime.

Making a routine of singing a favorite lullaby and or giving a bottle at the time will help. Maintaining a routine of dinner, bath time, reading or singing to them always helps to put them to sleep at night.

Routine is the keyword to follow for babies to be comfortable.

How do I potty-train my 2 or 3-year-old ?

Usually it is good to potty train your toddler after their 2nd birthday. It doesn’t happen in a month or two, it takes longer time than we expect. We can start with training pull-ups, easy words to say for pee-pee and poop, getting used to potty seats etc., Usually reading to them and talking to them about using the potty regularly helps a lot.

We can basically start by taking them to the potty at regular intervals helps them to get a idea to use the potty .

When will my toddler start crawling and sitting up ?

Babies roll over around 5 months old and gradually starts to sit up and crawl by the time around 7 months old. For some babies it may take even longer.

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