Introducing Solid Foods To Babies

Many parents wonder what is the right time to start solid foods for their baby .Thinking about starting solid foods to babies,the first thing to do is to consult your baby’s pediatrician and to see  is your baby ready for solid foods?

    We can make an early start with the solids as early as 4 months.But the current recommendation is the breast-milk or formula should be the main nutrition for the babies till 6 months.It is good to introduce solids any time between 4 months and 6 months.
Things to look ,if the baby is ready for solids are

  • Your baby should be  able to sit well and upright when supported ,so that he will be able to swallow the food.
  • Baby needs to be able to control his head.
  • Good weight gain and growing appetite -the baby may seem to be hungry even with eight or nine feedins of breast-milk or formula.
  • The baby will be curious in looking into your plate when you are eating.

    I remember with my son,i use to tell my mom that i feel like breast-feeding him the whole day,as his appetite was growing so much.And he will be always lookin at my mouth whenever i am having my meal or snack and trying to grab it.

When i thought of giving solid food to my son my doctor told me i could sart giving him solid food after 4 months if i want to.But still breast-milk or formula should be his main food till he is atleast 6 months the doctor instruction i started giving my son rice cereal liquified with breast-milk just in the mornings for about too weeks.

    After 2 weeks,i started giving him in the evening too.In my place i remember people telling it is good to introduce variety of foods between 4 months and 1 year old.Also it is really important avoid foods which are not good to give before 1 year like egg,nuts,honey etc.,And also it is very important to look for if the baby is allergic to any new foods introduced.

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