Foods To Avoid In The First Year

Once started on solids and as the babies are growing they are so eager to sample what we eat.As we are so interested in knowing what to feed and when and how to feed,it is good to before hand as to what not to give them.

He or she may not be ready to eat certain foods till the first year.
Those foods include:


Doctors advice not to give honey to babies less than 12 months of age.Honey can have spores of clostridium botulinum ,which when digested can make babies sick by a toxin that causes botulism.therefore it’s safe not to give honey and foods containing honey to small babies.

Cow’s Milk

Breast-milk or formula is best recommended for the baby and substituting cow’s milk is not good ,since they don’t give enough recommended nutrition for the babies first years and also babies may cause allergic reaction to other milks such as cow’s milk, goat milk or soy milk.


Hard foods such as nuts,popcorn,raisin,candies,chuncks of fruits and vegetables may be achoking hazard to the baby ,also nuts may cause allergic reation.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are consider allery foods for babies.If needed egg yolk can be fed after 7 or 8 months. It is safe to avoid eggs untill 1 year.

It is also safe to avoid other foods like fish,peanut butter, marshmallows,wheat ,chocolateetc.,It is also good to limit to 4-6 ounces of jucie per day ,that too after the baby is 6 months old.

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