Getting Started with Formula

Breast milk is ideal form of nutrition for babies,atleast for the first six months.however , it is the couple’s choice to breast-feed or formula-feed. Also ,it is not possible for the mother to just breast feed through out the first year.Infant formula can be safe and practical alternative to breast milk.Infant formulas are all strictly regulated to have all the nutrients the babies need.

Supplementing breast milk at least once a day for the baby can be very good and helpful. With my son i know i gave him formula once a day after two months.after talking with my doctor, I started him on formula(a particular brand) ,he fussed and cried not to take a bottle for three days.So I stopped for two days and gave him another brand of baby formula after a little fussing he was happy to drink it.That’s when one my friend told me that sometimes the babies just don’t like the taste of some formula.It is different with each and every baby.

Some mothers start with feeding formula once a day even from the first day. May be giving formula in this way early really has so many advantages:one,it gives the mother some time for her own,when some one can give the bottle and two,the babies get used to both formula too and the bottle too. May be it is best to give a bottle to the baby at least after a month or two when the baby is well get used to breast-feeding. In some cases when the baby is get used to a bottle in the first few days following birth, he or she may not want to breast feed.

When I wanted to only breast-feed my son for the first few months,but didn’t get any breast milk for the first 3 to 4 days.

The doctor doesn’t want to give a bottle, so what they did ways strap a ready to use formula bottle to my dress near the shoulder with a very thin tube coming to from it and tapped to my breast so that the baby can suck it together with the nipple, just like breast-feeding. In some cases when the babies are given a bottle in this situation for the first 4 days ,may not want to breast-feed at all. So it is better to give a bottle after they get used to the breast-feeding.

But supplementing formula-feeding once a day sure has it’s help,like it won’t be hard to give a bottle or formula to a baby when it is needed in the later months,when the mom doesn’t have enough milk to breast-feed.In CASE OF some stay at home moms i have seen them struggle to give a bottle or formula after only breast-feeding them for 8 or 9 months.also giving a bottle once a day from the early months can be helpful in not having a hard time weaning the babies.

Surely, there won’t be any mom who doesn’t want to have a little more sleep in the morning when the dad or some one else who takes care can give a bottle to the baby one time that day.

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