How to Handle Kids Whining

One thing that makes most parents crazy with regard to kids behaviour is their whining. Whining is mostly seen in toddlers and preschoolers, but if they are not helped out of it, it can become an unconcious habit even when they are grown.

Whining with two and three year olds is usually because of the frustration in that stage of development when they are not able to communicate their needs better. But there are some simple ways to help the kids grow out of it:

Distract them by singing their favourite rhymes, or giving their favourite toy or book and engage them.

If there is too much of the whining, the best way it to ignore them. Most of the time kids do it to get attention, when we make sure whining doesnot get them the attention it surely helps.

Talk to them. Try and explain to them how whining will not get them what they need.

Also most whining in toddlers is because they are not able to communicate what they want. So teach them signs or easy words, to tell or show what they want. We can even help them invent words in kiddie language to tell things. It really worked with my son.

Make sure they are not tired, frustrated or hungry.

Kids are bored too. Keeping them active and engaged in something helps too. Puzzles, blocks , picture books and stuff likewise helped a lot with my son.

Make them talk. Tell them you couldn’t hear or know what he or she wants and tell them to stop whining and talk.

Don’t shout at them. Shouting never helps, it only leads to screaming tantrum .

When ever any of my friends tell me how they go crazy when their kids whine, I just tell them about how my son was a great whiner and once we get to know what we have to do it really goes down and eventually passes through.

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