Toddler Tantrums

All the moms come to know about the toddlers temper tantrum starting with the terrible twos. Toddler’s tantrum because they are so much frustrated of wanting or needing something, but could not express it to get it. They all do it mainly when they are hungry, tired, bored.

I can remember when my son started with his first tantrum. It was just a week before his second birthday he started showing tantrums, who was till then just a curious, active kid. I remember him crying and screaming for things to be done. I was just so much overwhelmed by his crying and screaming, it was at that time I started to browse and read about toddler tantrums.

We can all know how we get scared and not knowing what to when they start this, but all the moms who have all gone through this can tell that this will pass through once they were able to talk and express what they need.

What can we do to reduce tantrums ?

  • Maintaining a regular routine helps a lot, set meal times and snack keeps them full and a regular nap time and bedtime routine make them feel comfortable and put them in a good mood
  • We can teach them easy toddler words to express their basic needs like want to eat, go to potty, need to sleep etc.
  • We can keep some of their comforts handy, like favorite blanket, toy or book, to give them when they need it.

When it comes,

  • We need to be always prepared expecting any tantrum to happen when not expected. Keeping ourselves calm, help us a lot to deal with them, because it becomes worse when we get frustrated ourselves.
  • Make sure they are in safe surrounding and out of harms way. Sit with them, make eye contact with them and try to explain things by the way they can understand.
  • Diverting them from the situation helps them too. Sometime pretending not to notice their tantrum works too.

However frustrating it is to us as to them at that time, it’s just a phase in their growth and will out grow it. My son is four now, he has come out of all the tantrum days gradually, when he started talking good. But as we all know we are not peace all the time because, I know because my son is still in his cranky days, which is frustrating too, but not like terrible twos. Though he goes on doing it, still I can sit with him and talk about it.

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