What To Do When Starting Solids Foods

After so many readings and consultation with the doctor, when we think the baby is ready to start on solid foods, next thing that comes to every mothers mind is what to start with and how to start?

The best thing to do is talk to your doctor about what and how to give too.
Even though the baby is started on solids it is really important that feeding breast-milk or formula is comes first during the first year.

There are a few simple things to know and make sure what to do when starting on solids.

  • First, expect to be messy
  • It is always good to be slow when feeding the babies. Give your baby very small amount of food when you start, since he should practice to use his tongue to swallow the food.
  • We should remember that the babies tummies are really tiny.Even a spoon full of food can make them full.
  • Also expect changes in color and consistency of babies stools.
  • Look for allergic reactions, such as rash, fussiness, runny nose,upset tummy etc., when introducing each new food.

Doctors always make sure to start with rice cereal which will be easier for the babies to digest. Though breast-feeding I pumped little breast-milk everyday to mix with the rice cereal when i first started solids for my son. It is good to give it in a watery consistency. Since it has breast-milk it will be easier for the babies to like it and get used to.

Make sure to introduce just one new food a week, so that there will be enough time to know how the baby likes that food and to know whether it is allergic to the baby.

Also whenever you start with a new food,  give in the morning, so that if the baby is allergic to the food we will be able to know before the end of the day.

When we give the baby a new food and some how he doesn’t like it or is allergic to it, stop giving that food and wait at least a week to give him any other new food.

I remember, I started with rice cereal and breast-milk in the mornings alone for the first whole week when he was four months old and the next 10 days i gave him twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

After that we can start with vegetables and then fruits.In case of vegetables my doctor said it is good to start with yellow or orange veggies like carrot, sweet potato, squash etc.,

In case of fruits,most of them start with apples and continue with pears , banana, prunes etc.,

Expect constipated stools, specially with rice cereal and apples.

When i start with these things i keep on going.But i guess these are the basic things moms should know about when they start giving solids to their babies.Also it is important to make sure not give the foods that should be kept away in the first year.

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