Why Montessori ?

In the past few years when parents think of preschool for their kids there is always a question to chose whether a normal preschool or a Montessori. Most of the parents have heard about Montessori schools, but they really don’t know what the difference is for sure. Therefore without a clear knowledge there is always confusion in choosing one, which in some cases leads to a wrong conclusion, if not clarified.

I was in the same situation 2 years before when my son started preschool. I am a stay at home mom at that time, though I can keep him for few years, I want him to go out and explore new things gather more social capabilities and behaviors and, of course academic learning. I have known about Montessori schools but do not know exactly what they do, until I went in for a school and see for my self.

Montessori is a child-centered educational method, based on the method formed by Dr.Maria Montessori.

Montessori method gives kids a self-directed environment .The teacher observes and guides them through the learning process instead of compelling them without choice.
Kids have a very good ‘absorbent mind’ till the age of 5, it is at this time they are able to observe and absorb a lot of things even in a rather playful way. The hand eye co-ordination is very much important in learning and developing brain in children. Montessori method emphasis on this a so much that kids should touch and know things whether it is shapes or letters or numbers or even materials.

It gives kids a wonderful and natural environment to observe chose and learn skills with the right tools and ways of developing the physical motor skill coordination, while interacting and socializing in a peaceful environment in their own pace.
My experience with my son shows how it molds the children beautifully without knowing that they are working on it. Montessori based education helps kids to develop a unique personality and independent capabilities. They get to know to decide and direct themselves and correct and coordinate things.

In simple, it never pushes and compares kids; each child is allowed to develop in their own pace. They learn to be both independent and help each other mutually in a team.
Montessori education in early years is a strong base for the children in later years of their learning, life and career.

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